Easily register and report time distance and costs in Microsoft Excel.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Easily register and report time distance and costs in Microsoft Excel.

Activity Manager allows registering and reporting of time, travelled distance and expense activities in Microsoft Excel. The activity registration is done by week on a form that looks like the page in an agenda. At startup the Activity Manager main dialog creates a simple and easy to use Excel workbook of the desired year. A week selector on the form allows browsing the year by week like turning the pages of your agenda. A dropdown box in the form allows easy selection of your activities in the week. Totals of the various activity types are calculated and presented to you while entering the data.

Managing the settings and activities of the agenda is done through a simple user interface at startup of the program that allows you to customize, your company logo, employee and employer approval signatures and all column headers in the agenda. One single Excel setting file makes Activity Manager suitable for use on a network with multiple users working on the same projects. The setting file allows administrators configure of more features like agenda date format, common documents path, invoice rates and numbering and many more.

Activity Manager can be used by a one-man business with a single PC up to enterprises with multiple employees, a network and a database server. Activity Manager is modular and can be setup and expanded as desired. The program consists of a module registration, a module invoicing, a module analysis and a database.

Submitted activities are validated so that errors are avoided. Each user can track his own activities on for example holiday hours, overtime, hours illness, private kilometers, miles per job, accommodation cost, travel etc... Activity manager provides management with crucial information, especially when limits are setup before work is executed.

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